Chesapeake Road Grader Service
Serving Virginia’s Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula Road Maintenance and Construction needs in Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmoreland, Middlesex, Mathews and Gloucester
(Affiliated with Chesapeake Land Works, LLC.)
The hot summer of 2019 is closing. Is your long driveway or subdivision road ready for winter?  We have just the right size
grader and materials to shape up your subdivision roads, large parking lots and long driveways! !  Goodbye POTHOLES!
49 Years of road maintenance and construction experience
Free estimates and reasonable rates with experienced personnel for shaping up your road to smooth your ride and ease road maintenance
Video of Clyde grading with "Gary" the smaller grader:

We will crown your road up to shed water to keep potholes from returning, fill the holes, remove trees and limbs if needed  - - and add the gravel of
your choice
Clyde Hathaway: 804 436-6757
John Hathaway: 804 436-5753