Chesapeake Road Grader Service
All roads must be constructed on a firm base
with sufficient surface drainage to perform
well for life
Blue stone is preferred for longer, higher speed driveways and roads due to the
angular  flat shape which tends to lay flat and not roll around
Brown stone is often preferred for the rustic look but is most often round in
nature and tends to move and shift with traffic. Crushed brown stone is angular
in nature and stays in place better than round brown stone, but is much more

                           VIRGINIA STONE SIZES:
#5  =  1 inch and less and used to impart stability to weak or wet areas of
                 the road

#68 = ¾ inch and less and used on existing hard surface gravel/stone road
          for looks, keeps tires above the moisture below
#78 = ½ inch and less, same as use for #68 but a smaller stone

#8 = ¼ inch and less, same use as #78 but a smaller stone

#26 Crusher Run and #21A = mix of dust and ½ inch stone, makes a  
           hard base
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** We grade farm roads, parking lots, subdivision roads and any road of gavel or local pit      
** Call us to quote  building you a  new road too
** Once your road is graded we can place a riding surface of stone of your choice on it