Chesapeake Road Grader Service
We will shape your Northern Neck or Middle
Peninsula road to remove potholes and
eliminate high edges and  crown it up so it can
shed water and then place a surface coat of stone
for aesthetics and a smooth ride!
Our grader is half the size of construction-type graders
making it perfect for private roads and subdivision roads. We
also have one double this size for larger jobs.

The shape of the road and proper drainage are critical to a   
road that will perform for a long period under any load.
1. The road should be “crowned” in the center
2. The road must have adequate drainage so the “base” and
preferably the “sub-base” remains dry
3. The road must not have “ruts” or water stays on the road
saturating the base.
4. The water from the road should have positive drainage away
from the road
5. The road should have adequate surface material, base or
“pavement” to function well in all weather
6. Trees growing in the ditch or between the ditch and surface
of the road should be removed. Eventually they block the
ditch and preclude cleaning of the ditch.  Their limb spread
narrow the travelway.
7. Trees growing on the backside of the ditch tend to grow
limbs out into the opening of the road.  These limbs should
be removed to:
a. allow sunlight to reach the road to dry it and melt ice
b. keep from hitting trucks and cars, damaging them
c. eliminate the possibility of them breaking from weight
of snow and blocking the road

o Crowned: higher at the centerline than at the edges

o Shoulder break: point at which the flatter part of the road breaks
down towards the ditch line

o Proper drainage: road drains so water does not permeate the Sub-

o Sub-base: material placed on top of existing material to  
strengthen base, usually local pit material

o Base material: stone or very good local pit material that will
support the traffic load expected, also a riding surface in the case
of an unpaved road

o Pavement: A hard surface of concrete, pavers, asphalt or tar and
chip (these are the most common in the Northern Neck
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